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Landeswarnzentrale - Lawinenlagebericht

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Avalanche Warning Service Information - Thursday, 01.12.2016, 12:30

An update of the avalanche bulletin will be published upon the next heavy snowfall.

Low avalanche danger currently prevails (Level 1). Isolated avalanche prone locations are found on very steep, shady slopes and on the freshly drifted slopes of high alpine regions. To some extent, the old snow from late autumn has unfavourably structured layers. Detailed information from the various regions is not yet available. For current data from the measuring stations on snowfall, temperatures and winds, please consult www.vorarlberg.at/lawinenmessstellen.


No significant change in the weather situation is anticipated until next mid-week. In particular, no heavy precipitation is expected. Thus, the generally favourable scenario is not likely to change much.
Andreas Pecl
translated from the German by Jeffrey McCabe

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Avalanche Bulletin


This bulletin describes the overall situation. Please heed additional recommendations of local avalanche commissions or security services.

Danger levels

1 = low, 2 = moderate, 3 = considerable, 4 = high, 5 = very high   Avalanche hazard levels


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