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Landeswarnzentrale - Lawinenlagebericht

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Information of the Avalanche Warning Service - Monday, 06.5.2019, 15:15

End of daily bulletins for winter 2018/2019

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Esteemed readers,
Valued winter sports fans,

The Avalanche Warning Service of the Avalanche Headquarters of Vorarlberg has ended its daily bulletins for the winter season 2018/2019.

Further Avalanche Bulletins and/or information will appear only in case of unusual avalanche and snow situations.

We thank you for your interest and look forward to winter season 2019/2020 with the publication of ongoing current avalanche reports.

We would like to extend a great debt of thanks to all the observers for their active help, to the members of the Avalanche Commissions, the Safety Authorities in the towns and the ski areas, the Alpine Police, the Flight Personnel and all others who have assisted us during the season.

When the reports begin in winter season 2019/2020 we will provide all relevant information about any possible changes in the subscription service as well as other offers.

During the summer months, we are available for questions and advice, members of the Avalanche Warning Service will be happy to assist in any way they can.

with best regards,
Andreas Pecl

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Avalanche Bulletin


This bulletin describes the overall situation. Please heed additional recommendations of local avalanche commissions or security services.

Danger levels

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