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Landeswarnzentrale - Lawinenlagebericht

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Avalanche Bulletin - Sunday, 24.3.2019, 7:30

Favourable morning conditions again. Heightened daytime danger of wet-snow, glide-snow avalanches

Regional danger levels


Forecast afternoon


General Level



for tomorrow


What? - problem

Drifting snow

Where? danger spots


extremely steep terrain

What? - problem

Wet snow

Where? danger spots


esp. steep, sun-drenched terrain

Avalanche danger assessment

Mostly favourable conditions again prevail, danger is low in the morning, rise to moderate. Isolated avalanche prone locations are found in older snowdrift accumulations. Drifts in steep, north-facing terrain harbor isolated danger zones, generally possible only by large additional loading. Particularly on steep, sunny slopes up to intermediate altitude, small-to-medium wet-snow avalanches are possible. Plus, on smooth, grass-covered slopes and in forested lanes, isolated glide-snow avalanches continue to be possible. Avoid zones below glide cracks.

Snow cover / General info

Saturday was very sunny and mild, the temperature at 2000 m reached +8 degrees.The uppermost layers are still loose and powdery, particularly on shady slopes and where solar radiation is flat. On sunny slopes and at low altitudes in general, the snow is mostly bonded and encrusted due to radiation and low nighttime temperatures, many crusts are capable of bearing loads. In some places the upper section of the snowpack is riddled with graupel, at high altitudes in steep, shady terrain the older drifts are often prone to triggering. Otherwise the old snowpack is well consolidated and stable. As daytime temperatures rise and solar radiation intensifies, however, the snowpack is weakened, forfeits its firmness.

Alpine weather forecast (ZAMG-Weather Service Innsbruck)

Quite sunny all day long, only a few cirrus clouds will pass through. Winds will shift to westerly, intensify measurably. Temperatures will gradually drop. At 2000 m: +4 degrees. Moderate to strong westerly winds at high altitude.


Cloud cover will move in during the night tonight, on Monday precipitation will set in. Temperatures will drop noticeably, conditions will become unstable, snowfall is expected below 1000 m. The danger of dry-snow avalanches will increase regionally at high altitude. The danger of wet-snow avalanches will decrease significantly.
Andreas Pecl
Translated from the German by Jeffrey McCabe

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Avalanche Bulletin


This bulletin describes the overall situation. Please heed additional recommendations of local avalanche commissions or security services.

Danger levels

1 = low, 2 = moderate, 3 = considerable, 4 = high, 5 = very high   Avalanche hazard levels


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